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My STory

My name is Jamie Cavanagh, I am a Canadian actor, and I would like to be Wolverine.

Now that Hugh Jackman has stepped away from the part, Disney is looking to recast the iconic role in the MCU, and I am interested in being considered.

Welcome to MakeJamieWolverine.org, a website-campaign I made to insinuate myself into the ‘Wolverine’ casting conversation.

“Hey Disney, this is one visceral, kick-ass audition.”

Liz Nicholls

How you can help…

Watch and Share my audition!

The first phase of my campaign was to create a viral Wolverine fan-film, entitled “Wild James“. It is my hope that this short film serves as my official audition for the role. Please take a few minutes to watch the film, Like and Comment, and of course SHARE generously with any comic book loving friends or family you may have.

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